Hartznovella - Hartznovella
Thomas Pregel

Hartznovella – Hartznovella

ISBN: 978-3-942223-90-4

Thomas Pregel documents the labor market experiences of his protagonists and offers deep insights into the rigid life of three academics living on the state welfare program Hartz IV. Through diary entries and sharp observations of the office apparatus and the absurd bureaucratic traps the value of man is questioned. This novella about Hartz is a sarcastic account of our fast-paced and sensation-hungry society.

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Helga Brehr


Two men feeling guilty
ISBN: 978-3-942223-88-1

In her novella, Helga Brehr tells the story of two people seeking forgiveness for their guilts.  Her protagonists are incapable of honesty and are looking for ways to at least acknowledge  small confessions. The  catalyst is the ancient myth serves to Oedipus, who appears to be a suitable framework into which to  pack the own tragic story. Can the conscience be freed from the self-inflicted load?

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Liebe(r) Kim - Dear Kim
Jannis Plastargias

Liebe(r) Kim – Dear Kim

Epistolary Novel
ISBN: 978-3-942223-92-8

Jannis Plastargias tells about growing up with health problems. His hero, a loner,  decides to baptize this sexless sarcoma with the name Kim and everything he finds out about it during this difficult time of his life he writes down.  He not only documented his fight against this Kim, but also how he is changing during these days: his discovery of sexuality with a girl, the discovery of sexuality with a boy. This epistolary novel is a plea to never give up, how dark the world ever may look.

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Die Wörtersammlerin - The Word Collector
Peter Pachel

Die Wörtersammlerin – The Word Collector

Detective Waldmann’s case on Paros
ISBN: 978-3-942223-76-8

Dietlind Köhncke describes the war and post-war period from the perspective of a girl who collects words. Childhood and adolescence are characterized by the getaway, political upheavals and reprisals between two systems. Through the child’s pictures her family life is mapped, in which women play the main role, a piece of German history, experiencing difficult times - under the Nazis as well as under the Communists.

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