Plattenbaugefühle - High-Rise Prefab Blues
Jannis Plastargias

Plattenbaugefühle – High-Rise Prefab Blues

ISBN: 978-3-942223-07-2

The first love, the dreams in puberty, the changes in the environment, the perception of own interests: a novel for young adults aged 16 years, evolving around the sexual identities of two boys - in a German-Turkish relationship, in the middle of Germany. The background for this story is the realistic description of life in a prefab high-rise and the difficulties of appreciation among cultures.

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Die Friedhofsgärtnerin - The Gardener of the Cemetary
Monika Carbe

Die Friedhofsgärtnerin – The Gardener of the Cemetary

ISBN: 978-3-942223-82-9

In her novel Monika Carbe revives the world of the 1990s, a time when the boundaries of the known world order were redrawn and right-wingler started to speak up. Her novel is a warning  to society and at the same also a paean for the multicultural environment of Frankfurt, while it its own past preserves, cherishes, nourishes and replants its own past on its main cemetery.

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Maroulas Geheimnis - Maroulas' Secret
Peter Pachel

Maroulas Geheimnis – Maroulas’ Secret

Detective Waldmann’s case on Paros
ISBN: 978-3-942223-76-8

The Greek island of Paros is a tranquil place to vacation and every year the same community meets who is very familiar with the island, its inhabitants and its peculiarities. But this year the summer begins with a suicide. In the quiet island town of Naoussa, the especially among women most popular waiter at the Café Aliportas is found hanged. As soon as Katharina Waldmann, German-Greek chief of the homicide department of the Athens police, arrives on the island to provide assistance, everyone knows that a murder shall be clarified. Speculation and rumors are circulating, false tracks are laid, old balances settled and a few tourists discover their criminological flair. Paros suddenly holds many secrets for everyone involved.

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