Milch in Papier - Milk in Paper
Stefano Polis

Milch in Papier – Milk in Paper

A childhood between two c ultures
ISBN: 978-3-942223-08-9

As an adult, Stefano Polis remembers the harsh and confusing times of being the child of "guest workers" wandering between the countries.

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Das verlockende Blau - The Alluring Blue
Monika Schmidt

Das verlockende Blau – The Alluring Blue

A German Woman in Greece
ISBN: 978-3-942223-21-8

In 1987, Monika Schmidt went as a tour guide to the island of Aegina. From there she would not return back home to Germany, but find her new home in Greece. In her narrative, she describes theconflicts that can arise when integrating into a new country and culture. A tribute to the challenges of the beauty and of bicultural coexistence.

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Bewegt - Movements
(Ed.) Sevastos P. Sampsounis & Society of Greek A u thors in Germany e.V.

Bewegt – Movements

ISBN: 978-3-942223-02-7

»Movement« is the title of the bilingual (Greek/German) book published October 2010 by Größenwahn-Verlag, Frankfurt - as evidence of both, the ease and the difficulties of self-integration into a multicultural society.

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