Aufbruch in Armenien - Caucasus Chronicles
Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos

Aufbruch in Armenien – Caucasus Chronicles

Nation Building and Diplomacy in Armenia
ISBN: 978-3-942223-13-3

Ambassador Chrysanthopoulos' account conveys the adventurous - indeed perilous - aspects of life as an ambassador as well as the diplomatic and humanitarian relief work in which he was involved.

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Andreas Deffner


Adventure, Everyday Life and Crisis in Greece
ISBN: 978-3-942223-15-7

What? You do not know what Filotimo is? It is this very special way of how the Greek's think about life.  - Short stories about life, crisis and culture in greece combined with local recipes.

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Milch in Papier - Milk in Paper
Stefano Polis

Milch in Papier – Milk in Paper

A childhood between two c ultures
ISBN: 978-3-942223-08-9

As an adult, Stefano Polis remembers the harsh and confusing times of being the child of "guest workers" wandering between the countries.

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Das verlockende Blau - The Alluring Blue
Monika Schmidt

Das verlockende Blau – The Alluring Blue

A German Woman in Greece
ISBN: 978-3-942223-21-8

In 1987, Monika Schmidt went as a tour guide to the island of Aegina. From there she would not return back home to Germany, but find her new home in Greece. In her narrative, she describes theconflicts that can arise when integrating into a new country and culture. A tribute to the challenges of the beauty and of bicultural coexistence.

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Bewegt - Movements
(Ed.) Sevastos P. Sampsounis & Society of Greek A u thors in Germany e.V.

Bewegt – Movements

ISBN: 978-3-942223-02-7

»Movement« is the title of the bilingual (Greek/German) book published October 2010 by Größenwahn-Verlag, Frankfurt - as evidence of both, the ease and the difficulties of self-integration into a multicultural society.

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Geschenke vom Olymp - A gift from Mount Olympus
Brigitte Münch

Geschenke vom Olymp – A gift from Mount Olympus

New Aegean Stories
ISBN: 978-3-942223-12-6

After her successful debut »The Blue Door - Aegean Tales«, Brigitte Münch, who has lived for 26 years on the island of Naxos, has one of her heroines say: »The only thing I always have in mind - but do not laugh please - is that I had met a God ...« Words, with which she takes the reader onto a journey to her new Aegean stories, to the place where miracles are everywhere, where myths become reality, and where humor, hope, wisdom and melancholy are given as presents at the same time.

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Die blaue Tür - The Blue Door
Brigitte Münch

Die blaue Tür – The Blue Door

Aegean Stories
ISBN: 978-3-942223-03-4

»Éla Mésa! Kalós órises! - Come on in! Welcome! ... « In this apparently idyllic world Brigitte Münch has been living for more than 25 years; she knows the fates of the locals, she looks into the faces of the travelers, she feels their desires. In her Aegean stories she tells us about them, takes us through this weathered blue door, whose old age keeps moving promises.

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Helga Brehr


Two men feeling guilty
ISBN: 978-3-942223-88-1

In her novella, Helga Brehr tells the story of two people seeking forgiveness for their guilts.  Her protagonists are incapable of honesty and are looking for ways to at least acknowledge  small confessions. The  catalyst is the ancient myth serves to Oedipus, who appears to be a suitable framework into which to  pack the own tragic story. Can the conscience be freed from the self-inflicted load?

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Maroulas Geheimnis - Maroulas' Secret
Peter Pachel

Maroulas Geheimnis – Maroulas’ Secret

Detective Waldmann’s case on Paros
ISBN: 978-3-942223-76-8

The Greek island of Paros is a tranquil place to vacation and every year the same community meets who is very familiar with the island, its inhabitants and its peculiarities. But this year the summer begins with a suicide. In the quiet island town of Naoussa, the especially among women most popular waiter at the Café Aliportas is found hanged. As soon as Katharina Waldmann, German-Greek chief of the homicide department of the Athens police, arrives on the island to provide assistance, everyone knows that a murder shall be clarified. Speculation and rumors are circulating, false tracks are laid, old balances settled and a few tourists discover their criminological flair. Paros suddenly holds many secrets for everyone involved.

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