Spätsommerhimmel in Sansscouci – Late Summer Sky in Sanssouci

Spätsommerhimmel in SanssouciTitle: Late Summer Sky in Sanssouci
Moments in the Life of a quarter Jew
Author: Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt
Hardcover • 94 pages • 11.5 x 20 cm • Publisher Price: 16,90 €
Release Date: February 2, 22013 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-11-9

»Dresden, January 30, 1933. I still remember, how Dad woke me up and said that something unusual has happened. We saw a great torchlight procession. The Nazis celebrated their seizure of power … «
Shortly before her death, the 85-year-old Puti talks about her youth in Nazi Germany. Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt, daughter and writer knew her as a woman who hid her identity throughout her life feeling ashamed to belong to the survivors, and as a person who did not put much importance on herself, because she had seen so much suffering. A woman who only once dared to speak about her “parentage” – on a walk through the dusky park of Sanssouci. Back then, in the late summer of 1943, when she came across her great love, in the middle of the wartimes, she opened her heart: the father half Jewish, she a Quarter-Jew. Thereafter, and in the postwar period, the big silence followed and the repeated horror over neo-Nazis in the middle of Germany.
Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt takes notes of the stories of her mother, finds letters and diary entries out of that time and comes nearer to the experiences and the feelings of a woman who fell silent in the violent atmosphere of Nazi Germany.

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Schmidt Bernhardt bwAngela Schmidt-Bernhardt was born 1951 in Schleswig – right between post-war times and »Wirtschafts-wunder«. She studied Romance Languages and Social Sciences in Bochum, afterwards she taught German in France, first at a school in the city of Dax, then at the University of Bordeaux. She completed her teacher’s education in Frankfurt am Main as student teacher and after that taught French and social studies at the Hessenkolleg. In the 1990s, she studied »advice and supervision« at the Institut für Gruppenanalyse in Heidelberg. In 2007, she got her Ph.D. from the University of Marburg on the theses »Young ethnic German repatriates after the wave of expulsion. Educational success under concealment«. The dissertation was published in 2008 by Tectum Verlag, Marburg. Today, she works at the Philipps University of Marburg in the Department of Education with student teachers. Her work focuses on »intercultural learning«, »promotion of self-perception and perception« and »creative writing«. As a writer, she is primarily concerned with the connections between individual, personal stories and historical developments.
With a similar topic Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt also published her novella October Train to Riga with Größenwahn Verlag in 2013.