Milch in Papier – Milk in Paper

Milch in PapierTitle: Milk in Paper
A childhood between two cultures
Author: Stefano Polis
Hardcover • 224 pages • 11.5 x 20 cm • Publisher Price: 23,90 €
Release Date: November 11, 2011 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-08-9

How ignorant some adults can be:
»A child does not need much explanations.«
»Anyway, children do not understand these things.«
»Besides, children quickly forget.«
If parents became migrant »guest workers«, they often left their children behind. They did not think about the consequences, and many a times their economic situations was so disastrous that that migra-tion without consideration was the only possible alternative. That the pain and suffering of their chil-dren could hit back one day was something they never expected.
Years later, such a child speaks in this book: As an adult, Stefano Polis remembers the harsh and confusing times of being the child of “guest workers” wandering between the countries. He talks about the grueling emotions associated with separation and the pain of parting, and the long road of integration into its new homeland.
»Today I live in a country I call home, and I am part of a culture I love. I eat the food that in the beginning I thought was tasteless and not edible. I speak the language of people which made me laugh so often when I came here and would not want to live anywhere else than in this wonderful country.«
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Polis StefanosSTEFANO POLIS Born in 1965 in Kozani / Greece, he is one of the many so-called suitcase chil-dren of migrant in Germany. He spent his childhood between Greece and Germany and visited the schools wherever he stayed in both countries. After finishing school in Düren, he followed an education as a hairdresser and fi-nally in 1987 opened his own hairdressing shop. Stefano Polis has been mar-ried since 1994, has two children and lives in Jülich near Düren. He started early tp write poems, prose, short stories and film scripts. “Milk in paper” is his first publication.