OedipaTitle: Ödipa
Subtitle: Two people feeling guilty
Author: Helga Brehr
Soft Cover with flaps · 140 pages · 11,5 x 20 cm · p: 14,90 €
Release Date: 29. August 2014 · ISBN: 978-3-942223-88-1

Pub ›Florian‹, Berlin-Charlottenburg. Here, every Thursday evening the two aging friends Hartmut and Klaus meet for a glass of wine: pensioners, widowers, lonely men, with different views of the world and discussions that sometimes even end up in disputes. For the first time, Klaus urges to present an own story, inspired by his favorite tragedian Sophocles.  From now on each week the story of the woman Idipa – or Oedipa, as Klaus would prefer to call her  –  is told, bit by bit and peppered with quotes: When Idipa gets to know Lars, she seems to have found the love of her life, for which she has been craving such a long time. But the idyll is deceptive, it turns out only years later when she goes searching her own past. A violent death, the misconduct towards others and the denial of one’s own deeds lead the woman from one into the other mischief. Guilt and destiny close up and the truth is horrible.

In her novella, Helga Brehr tells the story of two people seeking forgiveness for their guilts.  Her protagonists are incapable of honesty and are looking for ways to at least acknowledge  small confessions. The  catalyst is the ancient myth serves to Oedipus, who appears to be a suitable framework into which to  pack the own tragic story. Can the conscience be freed from the self-inflicted load?

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Brehr HelgaHELGA BREHR born 1947 in Hamm / Westphalia studied to be a librarian from 1966 to 1970 in Stuttgart, Munich and Freiburg. After her graduation, she worked in the University Library of Freiburg and in the German Library Institute and the German Music Archive in West Berlin. From 1982 to 1987 she studied for Spanish and English translator at the University of Saarbrücken. This was followed by about 2 years of residence in Denmark, where she intensively learned the language and working in a language institute in Odense. Since 1990 she lives and works in Schleswig-Holstein. She teaches in her own language institute German for employees of Danish and Swedish companies.  For these lessons she wrote her own texts and textbooks. Her special interest is Greece, where she always had shorter and longer stays in the 30 years, including more than two years in Athens. Since their study time Helga Brehr is writing, participating in writing courses and workshops, wrote several short stories and novels, and in 2004 participated with success in a writing contest of the workgroup ›Women without Borders‹.
Her novella ›Oedipa‹ is the revised edition of the story ›Klaus and Idipa‹, Vlg. BoD / 2009, which was released under the pseudonym Jlia Amphis.