Liebe(r) Kim – Dear Kim

Lieber KimTitle: Dear Kim
Subtitle: Epistolary Novel
Author: Jannis Plastargias
Hard Cover • 192 pages • 15.4 x 21.6 cm • Publisher price: 19,90 €
Release Date: September 12, 2014 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-92-8

A phone-call wakes Kosmás from the tranquil balance of his life. His nephew was diagnosed with cancer. Twenty years have passed since he himself had suffered from a soft tissue sarcoma in his knee. Is it a coincidence? Family history? He has to get home and look for his notes. For years he had planned to type them into his PC and the idea of doing it now and relive this episode of his life, depresses him. Yet, could these pages help his nephew and provide him assistance in what is threatening him? It is worth the effort. Kosmás had survived his cancer at the time, as well as chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Where he had the idea from to talk to the tumor, he still does not know – anyway, it had helped speaking to it. And especially writing to it.

Jannis Plastargias tells about growing up with health problems. His hero, a loner,  decides to baptize this sexless sarcoma with the name Kim and everything he finds out about it during this difficult time of his life he writes down.  He not only documented his fight against this Kim, but also how he is changing during these days: his discovery of sexuality with a girl, the discovery of sexuality with a boy. This epistolary novel is a plea to never give up, how dark the world ever may look.

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Plastargias bwJannis Plastargias was born in 1975 in Kehl/ Rhein and is the son of Greek guest workers. After acquiring a teacher’s degree for primary and secondary school in the subjects German, Catholic Religion and Biology  followed a supplementary graduate education with a focus on intercultural education and a postgraduate study in Publishing and Media Practice at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.
He was a social school worker in Karlsruhe, an educational assistant at the Erich Kästner-Schule in Darmstadt-Kranichstein and coordinator of a nationwide project to improve the labor market opportunities of people with a migration background.
Jannis Plastargias is a member of Textwerkstatt Darmstadt, a juror at Young Writer’s Award  ›Golden Leslie‹, cultural editor at ›Radiosub‹, the gay and lesbian magazine at Radio X and member of the board of  ›Say! eV‹, an association for improving language and reading skills of disadvantaged youth. He blogs at

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