Krise! Krise! Schulden am Olymp – Crisis! Crisis – Debts under Mount Olympus

Krise KriseTitle: Crisis! Crisis – Debts under Mount Olympus
Diary of a Frog
Softcover • 220 pages • 21,6 x 15,4 cm • Publisher Price: 12,90 €
Release Date: July 8, 2011 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-04-1

»How is it really in Greece?«
»Is it a bad as it is described in the papers?«
»And why are there so many strikes?«
»Krisi, Krisi« – Crisis in Greece! The monkeys called out loudly through the media jungle. By now every-one has heard it: the rich bear behind his counter, the prating wolf behind his desk, and the little frog down in his pond, who has no choice but to endure it all.
The German frog author Edit Engelmann has her family pool in Athens. Here she observed how the frogs have slipped below the fraction bar. And she says: The German frog needs to know what the Greek frog thinks and suffers. Directly. From frog to frog. So she decided to tell in her diary what is not found in the papers.
The first year of the Greek crises: Stunned and horrified the frogs watch the bears and wolves dismantle their pond and – on top of it – demand compensation from them. Is it a wonder they would rather say:
»I do not pay! Quaak! – Then pliróno! Quaak!«
A book about money, politics and media power, written with a great sense of humour. The attached glossary is not only a tool to understand the technical terms; it is a tool to the understanding of our times.

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Engelmann bwEDIT ENGELMANN was born in 1957 in Hessen. After completing her marketing degree, she worked for several international and national corporations in and outside of Europe. Since 2000 she lives in Greece as an author and mother.