FilotimoTitle: Filotimo
Adventure, Everyday Life and Crisis in Greece
Hardcover • 2196 pages • 21,6 x 15,4 cm • Publisher Price: 19,90 €
Release Date: 10. August 2012 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-15-7

What? You do not know what Filotimo is? It is this very special way of how the Greek’s think about life.
What we need for it?
Ingredients: 2-3 positive thoughts, 1 l of life, 500 g of hospitality, 1 whole ripe friendship (fruit without skin), 10 drops support feeling, a little pride, dignity and sense of duty (from the pantry). For the sauce: 5 tablespoons willingness to sacrifice, 5 tablespoons renunciation (best is self-relinquishment), freshly ground respect.
Andreas Deffner know the recipe – Filótimo – more than just a word. It describes the feeling of being with good friends, to give hospitality and experience. The Greeks live it to the fullest – with body and soul. In eleven short stories, Andreas Deffner reports his experiences in Greece, showing the country and the people warmly and authentically. Away from the current economic and financial crises we find the real Greece in the various people of different couleurs, from the olive oil dealers to the fisherman. In the everyday life Filótimo is in its best, purely and genuine. And if you enjoy reading and there is some appetite for more, try the original recipes from typical country meals collected on his travels across Greece.
Enjoy this book and a literary and culinary exploration.
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Deffner AndreasAndreas Deffner, born 1974 in Gladbeck, has long lived in the Rhineland, and now resides with his wife and two sons in Potsdam. His “second home” however, is Greece. After having finished school he went to Hellas for the first time in 1993 and was enthusiastic about the lands, the people and their culture. And so he goes, whenever time permits, “home to Toló”. In the small fisher village in the Peloponnese, he feels equally at home like in Potsdam, Gladbeck or Berlin. And Grandma Vangelió always says: “Boy, you’ve grown into Toló”! Publications: “The coffee oracle of Hellas – Adventure, Everyday Life and Crisis in Greece,” published Re Di Roma / Remscheid, 2010.

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