Die Friedhofsgärtnerin – The Gardener of the Cemetary

Die FriedhofsgärtnerinTitle: The Gardener of the Cemetary
Author: Monika Carbe
Hard Cover · 168 page · 15,4 x 21,6 cm · Price: 19,90 €
Released: 4. July 2014 · ISBN: 978-3-942223-82-9

No one knows her past, and that is just what she wants. Alice, late 40’s, friendly, a bit shy, never complaining enjoys working as a gardener at Frankfurt’s main cemetery. She recapitulates the names and dates on the grave stones – mayors and city councils, benefactors and financial genius, Sinti and Roma – she enjoys the green oasis that surrounds her und during her free time she roams around the city on her bike. When during works at the cemetery’s WWII some hashish plants are found in this hidden part of the cemetery, a bad time begins for her and her foreign colleagues, with whom she gets along well: notice, legal proceedings, media hunting. Alice is torn out of her silent world and the past catches up. Family secrets and fears haunt the labile and melancholic woman up in her attic room in the West End of the city. Who can help her, who gets her out of her self-imposed solitude? Who give her back her work and her self-esteem?

In her novel Monika Carbe revives the world of the 1990s, a time when the boundaries of the known world order were redrawn and right-wingler started to speak up. Her novel is a warning  to society and at the same also a paean for the multicultural environment of Frankfurt, while it its own past preserves, cherishes, nourishes and replants its own past on its main cemetery.

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IMG_4402 - KopieMonika Carbe
Born in 1945 in the theater town of Meiningen in Thuringia, grew up in Herford in Westphalia and occasionally also in Copenhagen. She studied German, philosophy and Indology in Marburg an der Lahn and graduated 1971 with a thesis on Thomas Mann. After two decades of full-time educational activities in adult education, she decided in the 1990s to work as a freelance writer and literary translator. She writes poetry, prose and essays, reviews, and art reviews for newspapers and magazines and has translated many works from Turkish and English. Monika Carbe now lives in Frankfurt am Main.