Die blaue Tür – The Blue Door

Die blaue TürTitle: The Blue Door
Author: Brigitte Münch
Softcover • 172 pages • 11.5 x 20 cm • Publisher Price: 12,90 €
Release Date: May 16, 2011 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-03-4

An idyllic place in Greece, a quay wall, where small fishing boats are moored, leaning dreamingly on each other. Behind the harbor, on a narrow peninsula, there is a tiny old chapel shaded by mimosas … in a small lane a decaying house looking out of blind windows, in front of it an old fig tree which had pa-tiently grown its pliable shape … Who of the travelers to Greece would not know such a picture, does not know how it feels to look over the sleepy dark blue sea with its blurring contours dissolving every-thing in thin mist…
»Come closer! Be welcome! … « a friendly voice invites to enter ›The Blue Door‹. »Come closer!« … listen to fateful encounters, yearning globetrotters and turbulent feelings, hear about old, abandoned houses, where you pass by without even noticing – sights which will be eye openers at a certain moment when you suddenly see what was hidden before. So also this blue door, which opens to a prophetic darkness …
»Éla Mésa! Kalós órises! – Come on in! Welcome! … «
In this apparently idyllic world Brigitte Münch has been living for more than 25 years; she knows the fates of the locals, she looks into the faces of the travelers, she feels their desires. In her Aegean stories she tells us about them, takes us through this weathered blue door, whose old age keeps moving promises.

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She was born in Dusseldorf in 1947 and spent several years working in bookstores, libraries and for publishing houses and newspapers. From 1980 to 1985, she worked in the Local European Service for Radio Cairo, Egypt as a free-lance translator, announcer and program designer for German, English and Greek. Since 1985, she has been living on the Greek island of Naxos. As a trans-lator of Greek literature into German and as author of touristic brochures and travel literature she has been writing for various publications