Das verlockende Blau – The Alluring Blue

Das verlockende BlauTitle: The Alluring Blue
A woman Woman in Greece
Author: Monika Schmidt
Softcover • 80 pages • 11.5 x 20 cm • Publisher Price: 16,90 €
Release Date: February 21, 2013 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-21-8

»You should have picked a Horiatiki«, I shouted out loud one day. »A Horiatiki like Antonis’ Maria would fit much better to you«, I said angrily in Greek and started crying.
To my amazement, Achilleas broke out in laughter and explained to me in German: »›Horiatiki‹ is the Greek salad, but a peasant girl is a ›Horiatissa‹«.
I also laughed when finally understanding that I had just said, that a farmer’s salad would fit better to him.
»Monikouli« he always called me, »I’ve always loved sauerkraut more than the farmer’s sal-ad«, his tender voice was balm to my heart, because »sour taste was his favorite«. And once again he chased away all my doubts.
In 1987, Monika Schmidt went as a tour guide to the island of Aegina. From there she would not return back home to Germany, but find her new home in Greece. In her narrative, she describes theconflicts that can arise when integrating into a new country and culture. A tribute to the challenges of the beauty and of bicultural coexistence.
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Born in 1963 in Forchheim / Upper Franconia. After having finished her education as bilingual secretary in 1987, she went as a tour guide to Greece and spent the next 20 years working at the offices of a German company in Thessaloniki. Because of a very serious stroke in 2008, she had to stop her demanding professional life and her beloved leisure activity – running marathons. Instead she focused on writing and completing this narrative. Monika Schmidt has two children, lives in Thessaloniki and describes out of experience the conflicts that can arise when integrating into a foreign society, even with the best intentions and without any bias.