Das Kaffeeorakel von Hellas – The Coffee Oracles of Hellas

Das Kaffeeorakel von HellasTitle: The Coffee Oracles of Hellas
Subtitle: Adventure, everyday life and crisis in Greece
Author: Andreas Deffner
Hard Cover · 262 pages · 15,4 x 21,6 cm · prices: 19,90 €
Release Date: 15. November 2013 · ISBN: 9783-942223-31-7

Drinking coffee is the favorite pastime of the Greeks. But never alone – always with »parea«  – in good company to talk to each other and discuss.  A glass of water and sweets are served alongside. The »Ellinikos« – the Greek mocha coffee – has its whole season throughout the year and the frappé – an iced coffee – is the favorite during the summer. It does not take long to make friends and new faces join each time, chairs are added to the table and stories are told, news exchanged and friendships made.

Andreas Deffner knows the habits of the Greeks – for years , this country has become his second home – the day begins relaxed with a coffee and ends in some unforeseen adventures . Thus, the author takes the readers away from the tourist centers to rediscover the infinite beautiful Greece, which despite the financial crisis, still preserves its authentic hospitality.
In this new edition of his book, he provides secrets of the Greek cuisine. After each story, the right recipe is served since a Greece without eating and drinking is unthinkable. From the wild boar in the Roman pot to watermelon with feta, 19 stories invite you to travel in the land of the Hellenes.
And if you are lucky you will meet one of the numerous fortune tellers in the neighbourhood reading the signs from the coffee ground. »Ela , o kafes«” they will say and show your the inside cup with all its animals letters and numbers that have formed. This is your future and the coffee-oracle tells about your long, long journey… there, right there, at the edge. Can you see it?

Deffner AndreasAndreas Deffner, born 1974 in Gladbeck, has long lived in the Rhineland, and now resides with his wife and three sons in Potsdam. His “second home” however, is Greece. After having finished school he went to Hellas for the first time in 1993 and was enthusiastic about the lands, the people and their culture. And so he goes, whenever time permits, “home to Toló”. In the small fisher village in thePeloponnese, he feels equally at home like in Potsdam, Gladbeck or Berlin. And Grandma Vangelió always says: “Boy, you’ve grown into Toló”!