Das Größenwahn Märchenbuch Band 2 – The Fairy Tales of Größenwahn 2

Fairy tales exist ever since there are people and language. They teach the experiences and knowledge of humanity in a way that allows children and adults to understand. Our own fears, desires and dreams are told in the form of wise men, kings and fairies. Fairy tales reflect the world in which we live in a very special way: Spiritual, mystical, playful, critical – and always fairylike.

Also in this second volume of “The Größenwahn Fairy Tales” stories of miraculous events are included: Princesses, witches, dwarves, talking animals, small and large people who ascend to heroes. Known fairy tale protagonists appear on the scene and new characters are created. The modern fairy tales come with surrealistic strikes or present social criticism in memory of Oscar Wilde. Allusions to Arabian Nights are included as well as inspiration from folk tales that we know from the Brothers Grimm. There is magic, fantasy and illusion in the air – and that very special feeling of the begin of  an extraordinary journey, one that starts with: “Once upon a time …”

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