Daheim im Nirgendwo – At Home in the Nowhere

Daheim im NirgendwoTitle: At Home in the Nowhere
A European way of life
Hardcover • 192 pages • 11.5 x 20 cm • Publisher Price: 22,90 €
Release Date: October 4, 2011 • ISBN: 978-3-942223-05-8

When a Greek person leaves its home with its radiant lights, the thyme-scented winds and the wild mountains surrounded by a dark blue sea, it must have a valid reason. In the sixties of the twentieth century, thousands of Greeks went to Western and Central Europe like this, in order to try their luck and improve their lives.
The First World War, the »Asia Minor Catastrophe« and resettlement of the Greek refugees to is-lands and the mainland, the Second World War with its massacres and destruction, and above all the bloodthirsty Civil War that followed, had brought the country to its knees.
Many Greeks have answered the European call for workers and tried to build themselves a safe exist-ence, also in Germany. Many established families and stayed here. Most of them returned in their old age after years of hard work in Germany. Some of them without their children and grandchildren. Only a few are commuting, back and forth between Germany and Greece . What they all have in common is a sense of uprooting, melancholy and a longing for their home, they had never known before. A home, which perhaps had changed so much that they could hardly recognize it. In Greek this pain is called Nostalgia. A pain hard to describe, a desire for return even without a definite place.
The story describes the life of Katrina returning to her home in Greece. A true Story. She always kept her aim in mind and understood after many challenges that her real ressources were education and per-sonality. Despite all the circumstances she made a success out of her fate. And although she climbed the career ladder and returned home as a retired civil servant and artist, the desire remained: the longing for home, whereever it may be and after all those years that have passed by.

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Metallinou bwKATERINA METALLINOU-KIESS Born on March 16, 1941 on the island of Corfu, she attended High School with a focus on sciences in the town of Corfu, studied physics at the Aristotle Uni-versity of Thessaloniki and at the Technical University of Lower Saxony. In the early sixties she came to Germany, became a civil servant and taught mathematics and physics in the orientation classes for secondary education. In her hours of silence and reflection, she paints portraits and has exhibited her work on various occasions. She writes poems and stories, and now lives in Corfu and in Bavaria. Her autobiographical book ‘ At home in the nowhere ‘ is her first publication.